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10 Unbelievably Useful Chinese Learning Tools For Children

Looking for the best Chinese learning tools for children? Here are our ten highest rated Chinese learning apps, books, games, and toys.
Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks

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One of the most impactful things you can do to help give your children a step up in life is to encourage them to learn Chinese. The brains of bilingual and multilingual children are wired differently than the brains of monolingual children, and Chinese is an excellent place to get started. Thankfully there are a plethora of great Chinese learning tools for children to ensure they get the head start that they need. 

There are currently over one billion people on Earth who speak Mandarin Chinese. That’s about one-fifth of the world’s population! Each year, more students from around the globe choose to study Chinese. And many international businesses prefer to hire multilingual people because China is one of the largest emerging markets. China is massively gearing up to play a critical role in world affairs, so being able to communicate in Chinese could be hugely useful. Mandarin Chinese is the language of the future.

Teaching children Chinese means exposing them to it early in life, which will massively improve their ability to master this world-renowned language and others in the future. Here are some of the best Chinese learning tools.

Apps & Online Resources

Thanks to the internet age, Children have endless tools to learn Chinese. Unfortunately, there are too many websites for the average consumer to determine which ones are the Zuì hǎo (best). 

1. PandaTree


PandaTree is a valuable resource that improves understanding of Chinese through various stories, games, songs, and videos. The site is geared towards children between 4 and 15 years old. While there are plenty of free language resources on the site, PandaTree’s bread and butter is online tutoring and small group classes. Chinese lessons start at $10 and come with many materials, worksheets, and videos.

2. DinoLingo – Learn Chinese For Kids


The DinoLingo website contains Chinese learning materials like animations, games, songs, flashcards, worksheets, and more. This website stands out because of its use of engaging and attractive animations. The site also uses game-based lessons and repetition to help children learn. Access to this website starts at $19.99 a month or $119 per year. 


While some students love online learning, there are others who think a tangible tool is the best Chinese learning equipment for children. Many books even come with multimedia or online components to ensure to activate all of the parts of the young learner’s brain

3. Mandarin For Kids

Mandarin for Kids

The Mandarin for Kids series was developed with Chinese teachers to help children ages 3-8. The series consists of ten distinct books that use straightforward stories to keep students interested. The books are also accompanied by attractive illustrations, and audio files found online. By using the online recordings, children are sure to hear the correct pronunciations.

4. Boxiki Kids ABC Sound Book For Children

Boxiki Kids ABC Sound Book For Children

Everyone knows that nursery rhymes are an excellent way for younger children to learn. Boxiki Kids ABC is a sound book meant for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers that uses sing-song stories, exciting characters, and colourful illustrations. Audio recordings are built into the book, making a great option when you’re on the go and using the internet isn’t an option.

5. Big Chinese Workbook For Little Hands

Big Chinese Workbook For Little Hands

If you want to introduce your children to Chinese characters, the Big Chinese Workbook For Little Hands is a great place to start. The book focuses on building a rich vocabulary of colours, numbers, shapes, dates, and more. Users can scan the QR code on the cover to access online resources. While this book can be used as a stand-alone tool, it’s better used as a supplementary resource to go along with other books, programs, or classes.


When it comes to the best tools to learn Chinese, nothing beats an old-fashioned course. While several websites offer self-paced courses, being a part of a real-time course. 

6. De Yin School

De Yin School - Book Your 2-Hour Free Trial Lesson Now

At De Yin School, we offer offers weekend classes in London for children between 3 and 18 years old. All of our teachers are native Chinese speakers. Traditional Chinese culture, history, and values are at the core of our Chinese language teaching. In our classes, children are not only learning perfect Mandarin Chinese but also being nurtured with traditional Chinese virtues like honesty, kindness, resilience and harmony. Want to try us for free? Book a free 2-hour trial lesson for your child here.

Toys and Games

While classes, websites, and books are excellent tools for learning another language, there are other kinds of Chinese learning tools for children. Toys, games, and other supplies are an essential part of the educational journey. 

7. Chinese Character Practice Book

Chinese Character Practice Book

Students who are beginning to write Chinese characters need a place to practice. This workbook offers exercises for children to build relationships between how a Chinese character looks and how it sounds. 

8. Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks

Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks

Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks help make learning Chinese characters and vocabulary fun. Even younger children who only use the blocks to build towers will benefit from early exposure to the Chinese language. 

9. Kid’s Chinese Magnet Word Kt

Kid’s Chinese Magnet Word Kt

Every kid loves magnets, and the Kid’s Chinese Magnet Word Kit is meant to catch your children’s attention. They’ll have a blast while learning to recognize various words, practising pronunciation, and even putting words together into sentences.

10. Talking Flash Cards

eenKind's Chinese English Talking Flash Card Device

ZeenKind’s Chinese English Talking Flash Card device is exceptionally intuitive to operate; it’s portable and uses a rechargeable battery. Kids simply place different flashcards into the reader to see, hear, and practice saying different words in Chinese. 

It’s Never Too Early To Start

Exposing your children to the Chinese language is an excellent way to help them become multilingual later in life. Plus, it’s a fantastic method to instil in them a sense of the wisdom and historical weight of Chinese culture. It’s never too early to start so that you can integrate toys, books, and coursework into your regular play routine. You can also share the learning experience and learn Chinese at the same time they do. 

With the number of incredible resources and tools available, you should have no trouble finding something that will catch the interest of your little learners.

De Yin School is a top children’s school for learning Chinese in the UK. Our story-based teaching style and charming, high-quality teachers help children master Mandarin Chinese while instilling traditional virtues to foster resilience, creativity, and leadership. Come join us for a free, 2-hour lesson with your child. Click below to book a timeslot now.

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