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3 Thrilling Reasons Your Child Should Learn Chinese Now

The benefits of learning Chinese as a second language are truly expansive. Here are three amazing reasons your child should learn Chinese.
3 Thrilling Reasons Your Child Should Learn Chinese Now

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If you are interested in raising bilingual children, the Chinese language is a compelling option. There are many reasons your child should learn Chinese…

Whether you’re of Chinese heritage or simply want to open the door to new opportunities, your children can benefit from immersing themselves in traditional Chinese morals and values. 

Not only that but learning Chinese will allow your children to expand their horizons, build confidence and connect with people all around the world. A bonus is that – with the right resources and expert instruction – the language is fairly simple to learn.

In short, here are our three ultimate benefits of learning Chinese as a second language:

1. Chinese is the world’s most broadly-spoken language

1.3 Billion People Are Speaking Chinese

Did you know that more people speak Chinese than any other language in the world? No matter where you travel, you will almost certainly meet other Mandarin speakers. With over 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers worldwide, the opportunities to speak and connect with others abound. The Chinese diaspora is present in pretty much every country in the world.

For instance, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia and the Philippines are all home to a substantial population of native Chinese speakers. Furthermore, in addition to helping your child in their future travels, learning Chinese can provide a leg up in business. It’s with good reason that Mandarin is known as the “language of the future.”

2. Learning Chinese is more accessible than many would think

Learning Chinese is easy for children

While Chinese characters may seem difficult to learn, many parents overestimate the challenge—especially where young minds are concerned. Children can pick up the Chinese language rather quickly, thinking outside the box to overcome roadblocks. The Chinese language is made all the more accessible by the fact that learners don’t have to pay attention to grammatical rules like verb tenses and genders.

Why does Mandarin seem challenging to learn from the outside? Unlike phonetic languages like English, Chinese is pictographic. It also features semi-phonetic ideograms – meaning that different characters represent specific sounds. This can be very stimulating for the brain, however, and easy to grasp once you get the hang of it.

Also, you can find plenty of high-quality Chinese learning tools for children that make the process so much fun and easy. Find our 10 highest rated Chinese learning apps, books, games, and toys here.

3. Traditional Chinese culture can positively influence children

Kids Can Benefit Immensely From the Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Culture

Chinese culture and philosophy are rooted in the heart and mind. This allows both Westerners and children of Chinese heritage to build skills that promote successful living, and that emphasises the power of education. The essence of traditional Chinese culture is virtue cultivation. Learning Mandarin will give your child the opportunity to absorb the wonderfulness of Chinese wisdom, bringing harmony and contentment to their lives.

The “three pillars” of ancient Chinese society—Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism—focus on moral character and fulfilment over wealth and power. Thus, children who are nurtured with Traditional Chinese values learn to embrace integrity, goodheartedness, and hard work among other virtues. China’s 5,000-year-old civilisation offers a plethora of stories, games and historical references that make children fall in love with China’s language and culture.

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Learning Chinese should be engaging and fun. Known as one of the top schools for learning Chinese in the UK, De Yin School uses legends, myths and tales from China’s 5,000-year history to empower children’s inner strength and guide them to proficiency. Imagination, character and mindfulness make up the core of our approach.

Through our classes, knowledgeable instructors showcase traditional Chinese virtues like resilience, leadership and creativity. De Yin School students will learn to make a difference in the world in just a short time and walk away with a new community and skillset that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. We’d love to see you & your child in our classes. Get started by booking your free 2-hour lesson here.

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