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Remarkably Good Parenting: 5 Fascinating Lessons from Confucius

Parenting insights from one of the wisest philosophers in history.
Get good parenting tips from Confucius.

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Confucius’s philosophy is full of virtues and wisdom that still hold value in today’s modern world. Whether you are a new parent or just seeking good parenting advice, learning a few lessons from one of the wisest philosophers in history just may prove to help you become the parent you aim to be.

1. Treat Your Child How You Would Like to Be Treated

In the Analects of Confucius, the Golden Rule was proclaimed. Essentially, the Golden Rule states that you should treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. This philosophy should apply to your parenting, as well. Strive to treat your child how you would like to be treated. If they make a mistake, think of how you would like to be approached if placed in their shoes. If you are teaching them something new, consider how you’d like to be treated by a teacher. Treat your child with kindness, respect, and love. They will then grow to do the same for you.

2. Develop and Maintain Family Rituals

Confucius believed that rituals help a person build good morals and character. Rituals are a beautiful way of keeping one’s values and belief system at the forefront of the family’s attention, strengthening your family’s bond, and keeping you and your children mindful of your values. Develop rituals for your family to pursue and work on keeping them alive every day. These rituals don’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as praying before bed or writing in a gratitude journal every morning would work.

Another idea is to schedule a few minutes a day for some family “learn and play” time. There is a superabundance of games, toys, apps and books that can not only help your child learn in a fun way but also provide the opportunity to spend quality time with your little one. (Check our “10 Unbelievably Useful Chinese Learning Tools For Children” article.)

3. For Good Parenting, Don’t Skimp on the Self-Care

It is important to remember that your health and wellbeing are important, as well. Don’t forget to take the time to care for yourself- mentally, physically, and spiritually. Many parents forget to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, their children begin to suffer right alongside them. Confucianists have a belief that parents and their children are deeply interconnected. This connection is why it is so important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself.  

4. Embrace Simplicity in Your Child’s Upbringing

Many parents fall into the trap of thinking they are never giving their children enough. They spend hundreds of dollars on the newest toys, go all out for every birthday, and are constantly aiming to impress the people around them. However, an important virtue in Confucianism is simplicity. Rather than constantly worrying about giving your child a childhood that would make everybody else jealous, keep it simple. In a simple life, the small moments will be full of joy, celebrations will be full of meaning, and the bond of your family will be stronger than ever before.

5. Lead Your Child By Example

Children are like sponges. They learn how to approach the world from the people who raise them. Simply talking about Confucius’ teachings isn’t enough, though. Your children will learn from seeing the belief system in action. Aim to live according to the Confucianist beliefs you wish to instil in your children and watch as they grow into the adults you have always dreamt they would be.

Confucius and traditional Chinese culture are full of wisdom. The traditional Chinese worldview and philosophy help children (and adults alike) to refine their heart & mind nature, so they can live a life of virtue, fulfilment and righteous productivity. Through our content and school, we bring these gems to the surface so everyone can benefit.

The essence of traditional Chinese culture is virtue cultivation. We believe that this is the key to successful living and the most crucial element in the education of children.

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